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"I would like to say I'm European. But I'm Swiss"

- Adrian Tauss

I was born in Switzerland. A country known for cheese, chocolate and banks. Entertainment however not so much. From an early age I engaged in amateur dramatics and started making my own short films. At the age of 18 I decided against

drama school and went to film school instead. It soon became apparent that my passion for acting however was not to be suppressed. I wrote and directed several short films of which I managed to cast myself in almost all of them. I did very well in my own auditions. I ended up getting parts in other shorts and occasional indie features, whilst working my way through almost every department a filmset has to offer. I continued working as a filmmaker, director and lecturer until the itch became too strong and I eventually applied for drama school. At the age of 26 I moved to London for an MA at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I have since continued to write and produce my own projects and started stand up comedy. Presenting jobs for Toyota and Xerox and appearances in TV and films have since followed. My interests have always been widely spread and I therefore don’t just see myself as an actor, but a performer, filmmaker and comedian. I get immense pleasure in applying all my different passions in every project I do. 

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