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Adrian Tauss ™
Comedian, Filmmaker and almost a real person.
London based and carbon based.
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'Crew" Trailer 
Written & Directed by Adrian Tauss & Ingo Kaddatz
A comedy short following an eclectic crew on the last leg of an independent filmset. 
Watch the full film for free!
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Proud human of #BojanglesTheCat🖤
Help us make a difference by donating to the 'Bojangles Fund'
Every penny raised will go towards feline charities and supporting the arts. Bojangles thanks you!
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I have spent the first 10 years of my

career as a filmmaker; writing for,

directing, editing and managing


That does not automatically make me a

good performer, but it helps with being

objective. Luckily I happen to be rather good.


In 2019 I founded Swiss Chocolate Pictures. A production company with a focus on creating fresh, crafted comedy content and showcasing new up and coming comedy talents

Our team have worked on everything from live shows, sketches, to stand up specials and major television productions. In 2020 we have become innovators in socially distanced and remote content production.

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